Imagine Finally Having the Support You Need to Get Those Big Changes DONE! If You're Currently Struggling with Any of the Following, Tina Can Help You To...

  • Make better decisions that are in alignment with your uniqueness so you can stop repeating the same mistakes over and over
  • Improve your communication skills so you can have stronger relationships, get that promotion or become a more confident speaker
  • Grow your leadership presence & impact so you can achieve more with your teams
  • Handle change effectively so you can keep moving forward even when it's hard
  • Find the right work that allows your unique gifts to shine
  • Craft that first speech, write that first talk or book so you can get your message out in a big way
  • Brand, launch & market your online business authentically
  • Sell from a place of service & ease so you can earn what you are worth
  • Reduce stress & be healthier so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle
  • Reconnect with your spirit so you can stop living in the past, worrying about the future & enjoy your life today

These are just a few of the areas Tina can help support & guide you through as you begin to create lasting changes that you long for in your life. You might be thinking..."Wait a minute. How could ONE person have the ability to help in so many different areas?"

Well, you're in luck...

Tina is a student of life and for over 25 years has been helping others learn how to reach their full potential by increasing their levels of personal awareness. She has a gift for seeing what others might not see in themselves and it's her mission for everyone to live their unique, authentic life with confidence & support so they can have more satisfaction, joy & abundance in every moment, of every day which ultimately serves the greater good of the world.

"Dear Friends & Seekers of Change,

Welcome! I am so excited you've found your way to my page. Could it be fate? Let me share a little about my coaching experience...

I have decades of coaching & mentoring experience, not just as an Agile coach where  I've spent the last 10 years helping software development teams & their organizations grow to higher levels of performance, but also in start-ups, small business development, leadership & personal coaching. I've had my share of extraordinary successes & extraordinary painful challenges all of which have helped me to learn valuable strategies & find the right tools to serve my clients in a unique way. I can help you avoid what doesn't  work, save you massive amounts of time, energy & money - how?

Because I've been there too and I'm not done!

Do you want to transform your life, career or business for the better? I partner with my clients to help them find ways to live in alignment with their uniqueness, thrive and remove the resistance that might be keeping them sick, in the wrong job or just "wandering" instead of taking control of their dreams so they can live a life they love full of meaning, purpose & abundance,

I've invested over $30,000 in my coaching education, have read hundreds of leadership & self-help books; over the past 5 years I've studied under some amazing coaches and mentors;  I have led countless 1:1 and large group coaching & training workshops & programs.  I've worked in the trenches & supported hundreds of people & teams around the world - each on their own unique journeys. Working with me always means deep transformation aka hard work!

But, don't let a little hard work scare you - I  always make sure we're  having some fun too. After all this is life & I like to keep things simple. If there's something we're working on that you don’t understand, I’ll take you thru it step-by-step to completion or we'll find the ways & tools that work best for you & work on it together. I support my clients 100% so I can ensure they have the  knowledge, know how, tools & confidence needed to achieve their goals.

Most importantly, I genuinely care about my clients  & their success. I wouldn't be where I am today as a coach without the amazing peoplehelp & serve everyday, Your success inspires me to keep working harder - there is no greater honor for me to serve the world in this way.

If you're ready to get to work on making some changes in your life, I invite you to schedule a FREE 45 minute Success Session & we'll chat about what the possibilities for your bright, new future can be for you.

Tina earned her MBA in Organizational Leadership and has a B.S. Degree in Small Business & Entrepreneurship in which she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Tina is also a Master Agility Coach and Change Leadership expert as well as a Certified Life Coach, Human Design Specialist & Quantum Alignment Energy Healer, a Trainer, Speaker & Author. You can learn more about Tina's professional bio on LinkedIn.