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Time for yourself

Gain clarity, direction and power over your life, career or business

The pace of change and unexpected events happening around the world is unprecedented. While a large percentage of the population remain in a deeply unconscious state, many have awakened and decided that enough is enough. These "rebels" are focused on doing the inner and outer work to improve their lives and create a future of joy, happiness, abundance and freedom on their own terms.

What are your plans? Are you ready to take control of 2022? I've created this very special Rebel VIP Day offer so you never have to let the past or the voices of others outside of your own inner knowing dictate your future ever again. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Don't be a Robot, be a Rebel. Be YOU.

Let's Do This Together!

Time to Focus on you

It's time to shine a light on the patterns that are holding you back from the life you were meant to live 

It takes an almost immeasurable amount of effort & valuable life-force energy to show-up everyday pretending to be someone we're not - to live a life that is not ours. To  give endlessly to others while our dreams, plans and visions become further and further out of reach.

When we continue to live inauthentically, to stay in a job or career that we're no longer passionate about or that no longer feels rewarding emotionally, physically or financially the entire world suffers.

The resistance that builds-up in our bodies after years or even decades of not choosing to change takes a real and sometimes visible toll on our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health. If you're exhausted and fed-up with the status-quo of your life, career or business - why waste one more day? After all, there are only so many left.

If you're reading this, then I believe you ARE being called by a higher power to step-up. To step out of the past and into the life you're meant to live. There are no coincidences and no mistakes.

Life IS change. Making the decision to begin your personal transformation journey so that you can be your most beautiful authentic self is a huge step that you don't have to make alone AND until you step into this calling, those dreams will continue to remain out of reach. Are you going to let them continue to slip away?

You only need one day of pure self-love to begin turning it all around.

What to Expect, It's Up to You

Clarity & Vision

Ready to get crystal clear on your vision for 2022? You can choose one or two main areas of your life, career or business to dive deep on this day.  Tina uses a combination of her corporate strategy & planning coaching experience along with her natural intuitive gifts, including a multitude of esoteric and exoteric practices to help guide your transformation so you can achieve success.

Strategy & Tools

All Rebel VIP days start with connecting to the body, mind and spirit so that a clear vision can be established. Next specific goals are outlined and prioritized and then you will work to develop a strategy that allows you to take immediate action with ease. You will have access to different tools to support your journey so you can measure progress and celebrate success along the way.

Action & Growth

We have work to do! Expect to take a quantum leap in your mindset and what you thought was ever possible for your life or business. You will end the day with a clear plan to achieve your goals for 2022 and as well as having learned new skills, tips & tricks for those days when you need to get yourself back on track.

Surprise Goodies

Based on your areas of focus, you will receive a custom Rebel gift bag filled with inspiring treats and treasures for your special day. Who knows what we'll decide to send, but you are sure to love it completely!


You can choose to experience your VIP Day in-person in the Atlanta, GA USA metropolitan area or your session can be virtual. It's all about you on this day. Where would you like to experience your VIP day? Please Note: Depending on timing and availability, there may be an added cost to meet in-person, this will be covered during your interview prep call.


If you choose to travel to the Atlanta area, you will be provided with a short list of fabulous places to stay as well as preferred limousine services to help you arrive at your destination in comfort and safety.

Your Expert Growth & Master Rebel Coach

For over 30 years Tina has helped others learn how to reach their fullest potential by increasing their levels of personal awareness. Tina has a gift for seeing what others might not see in themselves and uses her intuitive genius to inspire positivity in even the most difficult or painful situations. It is her mission to lead, teach and guide those who are ready to step into their authentic, unlimited potentials in powerful and meaningful ways.


"The ability to live a truly authentic life of peace, prosperity and passion during these times, is a sign of what I refer to as living the life of the "modern rebel". What's that? A modern rebel is someone who decides AND takes action to find the clarity and courage to step-out into their truest self; who lives and speaks from a place of no fear, doubt or worry AND who also understands that living such a powerful life comes with greater and more impactful levels of responsibility. Over the past several years I've been called to step more and more into this "modern rebel" role. Based on my journey and the powerful experiences of transformation that have brought me higher levels of awareness, I was inspired to create my brand new "Responsible Rebel" programs and events. I hope you'll join me in this opportunity to experience your very own Rebel VIP Day!"

Secure Your Rebel VIP Day Now

Dates are limited and selling out fast as prices are now drastically reduced for end of year 2021 in order to serve as many as possible

Best Value Full Pay Option

Attend In-Person or Virtually 

Very Special "Good-Bye 2021" End of Year Pricing


2 Payment Option

Attend In-Person or Virtually

Very Special "Good-Bye 2021" End of Year Pricing

$1732 x 2

Prices will rise in 2022. Please take advantage of these drastically reduced prices for your end-of-year savings. You can purchase VIP Days as gifts for the Responsible Rebels in your life, family, business or company. Remember dates are limited.

Your Rebel VIP Day Agenda

All Rebel VIP Days are customized for your schedule and needs. The below is only one example of how a Rebel VIP Day can be structured. Breaks and a working lunches may not be shown, but are included. For in-person VIP Days a separate agenda will be discussed & sent in order to allow for travel & hotel booking and other logistics.

Preparation & Visualization Session

90 Minutes: Intention setting, alignment of goals and a review of any needed pre-work

Rebel VIP Day

9am - 10am: Intention setting, body & mind exercises to get centered
10am - 11am: Visioning 2022
11pm - 12pm: High-level Goal Setting
12pm - 1pm: Working Lunch & Break
1pm - 3pm: Doing the "work"
3pm - 4pm: Review outcomes, alignment on action plan and celebrate!

Post Event Follow-Up's

90 Minutes: Check-in on progress, final guidance on outcomes, strategy and roadmap from VIP Day. Celebrate!

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Rebel VIP Day?

A VIP Day is a 1:1 coaching intensive that is designed to focus on one or two changes or goals you'd like to achieve in the coming year. You will have 6-7 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on completing your top priorities, creating a roadmap or action plan. The day is yours and can be customized. 

What makes a VIP Day "Rebel" is how the theme of authenticity is addressed throughout the day to help you not repeat the patterns of the past. You will be guided to create a brand new vision of the future and what you need to do or change to achieve it in the year ahead.

Why is it important to live authentically?

By living authentically you will simplify your life; reduce stress, strengthen your health and relationships; build a more satisfying career, change careers or follow your passion to a new business. 

When we begin to make decisions that support who we really are, our life begins to take us to new places, people and experiences that are meant for us. The journey to authenticity will absolutely change your life, but it takes time, patience and a willingness to keep moving forward and learning.

In just one year, you could look back on this day as the day you set yourself free to become the person you are destined to be in this world.

What else can I expect for my coach to address during my Rebel VIP day?

The following areas are addressed at critical points throughout the day:

Mindset: Where in the course of the day are you keeping yourself small? Are any old limiting beliefs or  self-sabotage patterns surfacing? What new patterns and/or habits can we create to move you forward even after the day is complete?
Clarity & Focus: We will continuously monitor to see if we're remaining on point or if new discoveries have shifted the goals for the day. Either way, you decide the direction needed to reach your outcome.
Courage & Confidence: You'll learn that there is no need to "fake it until you make it" and how to build natural confidence into all the actions you take as you courageously step into the faith and knowing of your own power which no one can steal from you.
Your Whole Being: We will check-in frequently on how your physical, emotional and spiritual body are supporting the topics, questions, changes and action plans needed for you to live in authenticity. Depending on what comes up and the level of intensity, we will incorporate metaphysical tools or energy work to release those blocks so we can bring in some healing light and create space for the new.

Do I need to travel to have my VIP Day?

In person is always preferred, but not required. Virtual sessions will be hosted on Zoom or a similar platform that is accessible on the Internet. If you do decide to travel we will work out the logistics and a specific itinerary. Please be sure to note in your registration or prep call that you would like to meet in person so we can work out the details sooner than later.

Is a VIP Day just for me? Can I bring a friend, spouse, colleague or business parter?

VIP days are intentionally designed for one person in order to receive all the attention and focus of their coach. If you have questions about bringing someone else, please discuss this during your prep call.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No. However, I am committed to your success and can only hold you accountable so far. You must take on the responsibility for following through on your decisions. Further clarification of guarantees, life events and/or changes in planned dates are addressed and outlined in your "Create 2022 Rebel VIP Day" agreement.

Hey Rebel, it's time for your authentic breakthrough

Are you ready to receive the clarity and find the courage to live your beautiful authentic self? You can do it, you're not alone.
Don't let another year pass you by.

Best Value Full Pay Option

Attend In-Person or Virtually 

Very Special "Good-Bye 2021" End of Year Pricing


2 Payment Option

Attend In-Person or Virtually 

Very Special "Good-Bye 2021" End of Year Pricing

$1732 x 2

Prices will rise in 2022. Please take advantage of these drastically reduced prices for your end-of-year savings. You can purchase VIP Days as gifts for the Responsible Rebels in your life, family, business or company. Remember dates are limited.

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Your Future Authentic Life is Calling. Are You Going to Answer? Now is the Time.

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