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Breaking-Free From the Past Takes Courage, Patience, Passion & Persistence.

      Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! I've learned that the road to achieving deep, lasting transformation is full of twists, turns, bumps and the unexpected. Are you ready to get the support you've been looking for? You don't have to do this powerful work alone!

       I invite you to read about my offerings below, I'm sure you'll find the perfect match for you need today. If you're unsure, simply book a free call so we can create a custom plan just for you. I enjoy focusing 1:1 with clients because you deserve the care and attention of your unique goals.

       I look forward to sharing some powerful energy with you and I celebrate your spirit and willingness to seek support as you step onto your new path of love, peace, joy & abundance.

Tina Rusnak Unlimited

Turning Knowledge into Understanding & Wisdom Through Experience & Results

Tina Rusnak Unlimited

Personal Acceptance & Transformation

Authenticity & Identity Transformation
Clearing the Clutter in the Body, Mind and Physical space
1:1 mentoring or self-study; group retreats coming soon!

Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance

Awareness, awakening - are you being called by your inner-spirit? If you're reading this, you most likely have begun your spiritual journey or are looking to get to the next level.

Creating intentional, powerful rituals that help to release what's holding you back
Explore the many options that you can choose from to support your journey
Explore your creativity - from journaling, to painting to earthing, everyone can find their unique way to express themselves
Tina Rusnak Business Coaching

Create a Quantum Business Straight from the Heart that Serves YOU FIRST!

The world is continuing to evolve and though it may not seem like it, it IS headed in the right direction. Keeping your business centered - not just in your values & beliefs, but based on a foundation of compassion and benevolence.

"Heart of Your Business" Deep Dive
 Marketing & Manifestation Mindset Reset
"Resistance Releasers" Lose Worry & Anxiety about Your Biz in Minutes


Book Your 2022 VIP Creation Day Now- Limited Spots Available!

Mastering the Mind

Beliefs, intentions & the daily practice of taking control of your thoughts will lead you to attain higher levels of consciousness, compassion & peace.

Communicating Eternal Truth

When you know the entirety of who you really are & can find the courage to express your soul, no longer asking for permission, you will be truly free.

Engaging the Body

Inside your DNA lives a powerful force that is waiting for you to recognize it exists. Your intellect can't tell you what you're allergic to, but your body can.

Isn't it Time to Go Deep Within & Experience
Real, Lasting Change?

"I'd love to hear all about your story & goals. Let's exchange some positive energy where I can help you decide the next steps to accelerate your dreams."

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