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 Focus on the Heart, Body & Mind

     "Just as we are all connected at the quantum and universal levels, so are all the parts of our own individual lives. Our career or business success, family and personal relationships, health, abundance and spiritual fulfillment all flow from the same source that we have direct access to 24 hours a day, seven days a week - even when we're asleep.

     Finding the inner alignment and self-acceptance you need to achieve all that is possible for you is not far away. Deciding to begin is the first step and will open the pathway forward with divine guidance. Are you ready to explore your potentials?"

Mastering the Mind

Beliefs, intentions & the daily practice of taking control of your thoughts will lead you to attain higher levels of consciousness, compassion & peace.

Communicating Eternal Truth

When you know the entirety of who you really are & can find the courage to express your soul, no longer asking for permission, you will be truly free.

Engaging the Body

Inside your DNA lives a powerful force that is waiting for you to recognize it exists. Your intellect can't tell you what you're allergic to, but your body can.

Tina Rusnak Coaching

Let's Explore the Potentials Together!

"Are you Ready? I'd love to spend a little time getting to know you, listen to your story and maybe offer some ideas on a current challenge you are experiencing. I look forward to sharing some positive energy with you and make a soul connection!"

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