Announcing the 1st Annual Human Design 
International Conference Sept 11th-13th, 2020

Want to Know What's Happening at the Conference?
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Starting a Quantum Creative Revolution, The Power of Personal Narrative: Using Language to change your DNA


Activating the Feminine DNA in Human Design


The Power of Publishing - How a Book can Help You Make Quantum Leaps with Your Business

And Many More!


The Human Design community is growing faster and is stronger than ever before. This years conference will be the first of its kind where it's international and will presented in different languages!

What's Great About Being Virtual?


Everyone can attend from anywhere. I'll certainly miss the human interaction, but we'll be practicing ways we can connect energetically each day!

See You Online!


Personal Mastery & Awakening

Health & Healing

Sacred Business

Heart Centered Evolution

Science of Spirituality

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

Writing & Publishing for the Soul

Astrology & Meditation


Giveaways, fun and surprises! Don't miss this landmark event!

See My Human Design Profile Below & All the Ways We Can Partner Together


Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist Level 3

Design Type: Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)

Profile: 1/3, Resource/Explorer

Authority: Emotional/Creative

Strategy: Wait, Pretend, Align, Inform, Act

Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 1

May 2020 marked my Chiron Return and now, thanks to learning & following my Human Design for the past 9 years, I'm stepping into my new role in the Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2. Reaching this milestone is directly supporting my maturing into a teacher, coach, writer, speaker who can share new ideas or concepts in unique, creative & fun ways.


  • Business Coaching
  • Business HD Reading
  • Business Team Assessment
  • Career Transition
  • Family Analysis
  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Relationship Reading
  • Health & Wellness HD
  • Custom Sessions
  • *New* Unique HD Crystal Communication

I've been a student of Human Design for almost 10 years and have been a specialist since 2015. My unique Human Design continues to lead me in the search for ultimate truth - I'm never satisfied with surface answers; when something feels purposeful, I go all in to the end.


Request your free Human Design Chart and you can also ask 2 questions for free! You'll also receive an intro to Human Design mini-book and worksheets to help you understand your design and start living your uniqueness.

Human Design is not just a surface level type of personality test, it is actually the blueprint, the design of your unique life. Based on real science, like quantum physics, DNA and genetics, it can even reveal the exact chemical impacts to our bodies when we are living in or out of alignment. It's also based on ancient metaphysical systems which science is beginning to prove and reveal as truth!

Human Design is your ultimate guide to helping you reach your full potential! Be sure to receive your free chart and e-Book!

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